The Centre for Biosecurity (CB) within the Health Security and Regional Operations Branch of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) administers and enforces the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act (HPTA), the Human Pathogen and Toxins Regulations (HPTR), and certain sections of the Health of Animals Act (HAA) and the Health of Animals Regulations (HAR).  

These Acts and regulations apply to regulated parties conducting controlled activities, as defined by the HPTA, with human pathogens and/or toxins and/or with terrestrial animal pathogens. The CB administers and enforces these Acts and regulations through a series of administrative processes which include, but are not limited to, determining pathogen and toxin risk groups  to issue appropriate containment level licences and permits; reviewing and approving Biosecurity Plans;  reviewing and approving Plans for Administrative Oversight;  creating Canadian Biosafety Standards and Guidelines;  investigating laboratory incidents;  creating biosafety and biosecurity training products;  and by conducting laboratory inspections.    

Compliance and enforcement of the HPTA/R is outlined in the Compliance and Enforcement Policy. This policy describes  the Agency’s approach to compliance and enforcement and describes the roles and responsibilities of the CB and regulated parties under the HPTA/R and the HAA/HAR. The Compliance Activities and Enforcement Continuum provides an overview of the activities employed by the Agency to achieve a coherent Compliance and Enforcement Program

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